Thomas Tapia
President & Owner

Thomas E. Tapia is the Founder and President of Lakonia Capital, LLC and, LLC. Mr. Tapia has a deep and broad background in sales specializing in the management of oil and gas Direct Participation Programs for qualified investors.

From 1999 to 2003, he worked as a registered representative for several registered securities broker-dealers based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area including: Southwest Securities, Rauscher Pierce Refsnes and Morgan Stanley. Then in 2003 to 2009, he was employed by Chestnut Petroleum, Inc., and M&W Financial, Inc. as a principal and supervising sales manager. After that he co-founded DW Energy Group, LLC in 2009, and served as the Managing Director and Supervising Sales Manager through April 2016. From there in July 2016, he founded Lakonia Capital, LLC an oil and gas venture capital company funding oil wells in west Texas. Additionally in July 2017, he founded, LLC to bring oil and gas companies with websites to one online place.

His acumen in identifying, leveraging, and developing talent has allowed his employees and representatives to fully utilize their capabilities as integral parts of a successful oil and gas investment company. During his years of direct supervisory involvement and as an owner: he recruited, trained, supervised and managed multiple sales representatives for the above mentioned companies.

Mr. Tapia’s efforts have directly contributed to over $120 million in venture capital being invested in oil and gas drilling programs. His vast oil and gas limited partnership expertise, insight, and sales efforts have been transformed by technology. And are now available online. Lakonia Capital is the first online platform of its kind bringing limited partnership investors choice and true transparency.


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