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As the Chief Operating Officer, Jillian Tuesday McPhail oversees various daily administrative and operational duties. She is responsible for managing all office technologies, contributing insight for creative content and marketing activations, editing materials and documents for fluidity and clarity, organizing company processes, as well as maintaining and controlling all softwares and systems.

Additionally, Jillian is the project manager for all company development. She closely facilitates and directs individuals to make sure that each aspect of development is carefully articulated and executed. Utilizing supplemental platforms and resources, Jillian is able to effectively complete projects with precision and professionalism. Her eye for organization and structure plays an integral role at Lakonia Capital.

Jillian graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2015 where she received a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Spanish. After graduation, she dedicated two years of her time to travel throughout Europe. While overseas she landed an opportunity to work with the Rhine River Rhinos, the wheelchair basketball team of Wiesbaden, Germany. There Jillian consulted, implemented and created strategic social media and marketing campaigns to increase club awareness. Prior to traveling abroad, she worked in the Marketing department for the UT Arlington Athletics where she was able to work in the challenging college sports media industry, as well as gain valuable workplace experience.

If there is a problem she will do everything she can to try and solve it. She takes great pride in her work ethic, believes that listening and discussing ideas and issues, working hard, and being humble are the keys to a successful career and happy life.

In her free time Mrs. McPhail enjoys traveling, yoga, watching sports, gardening, and hanging out with family and friends.


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