Here at Lakonia Capital we structure, manage and market SEC Regulation D Rule 506(c) oil and gas drilling partnerships. With the 506(c) exemption, we are able to put everything an accredited investor or viewer alike needs or wants to know about our oil and gas drilling partnerships online, and available to view at any time. From our SEC Form D filing to our Operator history; it's all here.

Our owners created interactive software to help accredited investors and viewers alike understand our partnerships, from evaluating our prospect's economic viability to potential cash flow expectations, you can input your own values to set up your own personalized investment scenario. Additionally, we have an exclusive relationship with Drillinginfo that allows their data to populate our one-of-a-kind Close-ology Map. Our software: Close-ology Map, Cash Flow Calculator, and Tax Effect Tool are all embedded in our partnership's pages. Choose a partnership, and start using our software today!